What's your application - Photonics, optics & glass


Photonics - dicing to singulate optical components such as LEDs, photodiodes and photosensors

Optics – Optic fibre and associated component cutting, optical lenses and windows

Glass – cutting of encoders, glass scales, chrome masks

Process Targets


Process and blade optimisation to ensure the highest productivity and lowest cost without sacrificing cut quality, optimisation of work holding materials & chucks to minimise top and bottom surface chipping, protection of special optical coatings & masks whilst dicing, verticality of cuts, maintaining precision for angled cuts.

Post-dice cleaning & handling:

Ensuring the materials are free of contamination from dicing tapes & wax, developing the best cleaning process to maximise productivity and cleanliness, protecting the materials whilst cleaning, developing systems and packaging to guarantee protection during the next work process or off-site transportation.


There are two options for you to pursue photonics, optics and glass dicing. Firstly, Loadpoint manufacture a number of machine systems so you can perform the work at your premise. Secondly, Loadpoint offer a sub-contract dicing service whereby you send us your material and specifications and we will dice and return the work for you.


MicroAce 66: 6” / 155mm dia. x 13mm work area, 2”, 3” and 4” blade capacity

NanoAce 200: 8” / 200mm dia. X 13mm work area, 2”, 3” and 4” blade capacity

NanoAce 300: 12” / 300mm dia. x 13mm work area, 2” and 3” blade capacity

NanoAce 450: 18” x12” / 450x300mm x 10mm work area, 2” and 3” blade capacity

For post-dice cleaning: Washpoint

For preparation of tape rings / hoop rings: Presspoint

Loadpoint Production

Loadpoint’s production facility for dicing, cutting, drilling, grinding & prototyping

Click on the following links for information on our in-house production capabilities for photonics, optics and glass substrate dicing and processing:

Wafer and substrate dicing

Core drilling & micro-drilling

Micro grinding