What's your application - PZT and Piezo materials


Dicing of PZT and Piezo materials to produce sonar and ultrasound arrays, MEMs acutators, or multi-channel digital print heads.

Process Targets

Optimising blade types and composition to produce accurate and repeatable kerfs (cut channels), process optimisation to ensure the highest productivity and lowest cost without sacrificing key objectives, protection of electronic contact layers during dicing.


There are two options for you to pursue PZT and piezo materials dicing and processing. Firstly, Loadpoint manufacture a number of machine systems so you can perform the work at your premise. Secondly, Loadpoint offer a sub-contract dicing service whereby you send us your material and specifications and we will dice and return the work for you.


MicroAce 66: 6” / 155mm dia. x 13mm work area, 2”, 3” and 4” blade capacity

NanoAce 200: 8” / 200mm dia. X 13mm work area, 2”, 3” and 4” blade capacity

NanoAce 300: 12” / 300mm dia. x 13mm work area, 2” and 3” blade capacity

NanoAce 450: 18” x12” / 450x300mm x 10mm work area, 2” and 3” blade capacity

For post-dice cleaning: Washpoint

For preparation of tape rings / hoop rings: Presspoint

Loadpoint Production

Loadpoint’s production facility for dicing, cutting, drilling, grinding & prototyping

Click on the following links for information on our in-house production capabilities for PZT dicing and processing:

PZT based micro-structures

Micro grinding

Wafer and substrate dicing