What's your application - Specialist materials

Specialist materials are those that have been selected because of their specific physical or chemical properties. These properties could include their thermal expansion coefficients, their inertness, their thermal conductivity or their ability to withstand ultra-high temperatures. Such materials can be costly to produce which means material wastage from the cutting process needs to be minimised.

We have experience with cutting: various ceramics (96% alumina, Shapel Aluminum Nitride, Macor, Boron Nitride, Silicon Carbide), ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, Molybdenum & Iridium, graphite, composite multi-layer panels.

Applications of specialist materials include:

  • Heat sinks for high power semiconductors
  • Electrode contacts
  • In vitro diagnostic medical devices
  • Fuel cell technologies

Loadpoint’s diversity of experience

As we are routinely approached to get involved in ground-breaking new projects that involve machining special materials, we have consequently built up a wide knowledge on many specialist materials. We are finding that if customers do supply us with materials we have not cut before, it is very likely we can draw upon our experiences with similar materials.

There are two options for you to pursue specialist materials dicing and processing. Firstly, Loadpoint manufacture a number of machine systems so you can perform the work at your premise. Secondly, Loadpoint offer a sub-contract dicing service whereby you send us your material and specifications and we will dice and return the work for you.


MicroAce 66: 6” / 155mm dia. x 13mm work area, 2”, 3” and 4” blade capacity

NanoAce 200: 8” / 200mm dia. X 13mm work area, 2”, 3” and 4” blade capacity

NanoAce 300: 12” / 300mm dia. x 13mm work area, 2” and 3” blade capacity

NanoAce 450: 18” x12” / 450x300mm x 10mm work area, 2” and 3” blade capacity

For thicker substrates or for substrates requiring higher cutting power:
MacroAce: 12” / 300m dia x 55mm (with rotary table) or 450x300x55mm (without rotary table), 3”-7” / 76-180mm blade capacity

For post-dice cleaning: Washpoint

For preparation of tape rings / hoop rings: Presspoint

Loadpoint Production

Loadpoint’s production facility for dicing, cutting, drilling, grinding & prototyping

Click on the following links for information on our in-house production capabilities for specialist materials dicing and processing:

Wafer and substrate dicing

Macro dicing

Micro grinding

Core drilling & micro-drilling