Dicing blades

Fast delivery on stocked items, wide range to suit most dicing and cutting applications.

Loadpoint blades are available in a variety of dimensions, bond types and grit sizes. A summary of the products available is given below. Please contact us with details of your application to obtain product codes for specific applications.

Product Series Description Dimensions Applications
ODs (mm) Widths (mm)
1000 series
Resin bonded, hubless 50-127 0.070-2.00 Ceramics, glass, hard materials requiring high wear characteristics
1200 series
Electroformed, hubless 50-140 0.025-0.3 Silicon, GaAs, softer ceramics (e.g. PZT), various semiconductor packages. Applications for easier to cut materials requiring long blade life
1400 series
Metal bonded, hubless 50-76.2 0.050-0.70 QFN, BGA, FR4/PCB, resin boards, composite materials, polymers and softer ceramics
1900 series Electroformed, hubbed 55 0.015-0.100 Various protrusions Si, GaAs, SiGe, III-V, semiconductors
2000 series Resin or metal bond on steel core 76.2-180 0.4-1.20 Large capacity cutting and dicing such as ceramics and metals
2100 series
Vitrified blade 50-125 0.07-0.6 Sapphire, crystal, SiC, Si3N4, etc
2500 series Grinding wheels, resin bond 76.2-100 1.0-6.0 Grinding of a variety of substrates to achieve thickness tolerance or for grinding of PZT composites
3000 series Resin bond core drills 6-60 Ø 0.5-2.0 wall thickness PZT discs, glass encoder discs, power semiconductors. Single or dual wall