Macro Dicing

What is Macro dicing?

Macro dicing is the term used for heavier duty precision cutting applications. Historically, dicing saws were first pioneered by Loadpoint for the dicing of thin substrates such as silicon wafers. Now, with the ever expanding development of high tech materials and the continued need for high precision, the scope of dicing now incorporates much thicker materials such as ceramics and metals. Thicker materials require higher blade power delivery and the flexibility to use larger diameter cutting wheels to obtain greater cut depths.

Materials & components processed

Alumina, Barium Titanate, Ceramics, Composites, Non-ferrous and ferrous alloys, various glasses – alumina, borosilicate, soda lime, Graphite, Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT), Lithium Niobate / Lithium Tantalate, YAG, Zirconia.

Components processed include PZT resin composites, electro-mechanical metal devices such as charge electrodes for industrial printers, metal gratings, graphite profiles.


We have several machines available for the Macro dicing of substrates in the thickness range 100µm to 50mm. Please get in touch for specific details.

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