Wafer and substrate dicing

Materials & components processed

Alumina, Barium Titanate, BGA, µBGA, CSP, COB, Caesium Iodide, Ceramics, Chip scale packaging (CSP), Composites, Non-ferrous and ferrous alloys, Gallium Arsenide and Gallium Phosphide, various glasses – alumina, borosilicate, soda lime, Graphite, Indium Phosphide, Lead Zirconate Titanate, Lithium Niobate / Lithium Tantalate, Perspex, Polymers, Quartz, Sapphire, SAWs, Silicon, YAG, Zirconia.


Machine type Range of kerf / cut channel widths Max / Min cut depths Standard blade types
6” MicroAces <25µm – 1mm 13mm / <10µm 2”-4” Electroformed hubbed, resin and metal bond hubless, 3” metal and resin bond on steel core
8” NanoAces // // //
12” NanoAces // // //
MacroAce* <0.5mm – 2mm 55mm / <100µm 3”-7” metal and resin bond on steel core, Silicon Carbide

*Suitable for thicker substrates such as ceramics & metals

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