Wafer reduction / edge trimming / edge polishing

What is wafer reduction, edge trimming and edge polishing?

Wafer reduction: reducing the diameter of a wafer. The theta table (also known as the rotary table) is rotated to produce circular cuts. This technique can also be used for producing a number of discs from one silicon or glass wafer.

Wafer Edge trimming: removing a small amount of the circumference of the wafer. This technique is used for removing the lip often created by the wafer back grinding process.

Wafer Edge Polishing: This technique is used post-dicing to create a more polished finish on the edge of the die. Normally used for highly specialised and high value die.

Materials & components processed

Silicon wafers and die, glass, bora silicate, fused silica


Reduction of wafers from up to 12” down to 2”.

Edge trimming, all wafers from 12” down to 2”.

Creation of smaller discs from one larger wafer (e.g. pressure sensor applications): sizes down to 1”. For sizes requirements below 1” it is advisable to consider a core drilling technique.

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