Dicing Chuck and spindle repair

Reduce on-going costs and improve performance by using Loadpoint’s repair and refurbishment service

Having precise tooling that is well maintained is at the heart of any professional dicing process. Loadpoint pioneered of using air-bearing spindles for dicing and has 30+yrs of precision engineering expertise to draw upon.



  • Re-grind of chuck base to remove indentations and scratches
  • Removal of old ceramic and replacement with new
  • High precision grind to tolerance


  • Initial assessment on receipt of spindle. Performance and dimensional checks according to manufacturer’s specification such as measuring flow rates, loads, stiffness, vibration, balancing and run-outs, checking of hall and motor sensors etc. A quotation is then issued to the customer
  • Re-machining and replacement of worn parts, full refurbishment
  • Issuing of Test Certificate & return to customer

New Replacement Chucks and Spindles

Loadpoint also offers new replacement dicing chucks and spindles for all makes of dicing saw and for bespoke customer designs. Please contact us with your specific details to request a quotation.