For heavier duty applications requiring high power spindle delivery and large work areas.

The MacroAce offers a unique blend of dicing machine performance with CNC-like power and work area capability. The spindle’s drive profile is tuned to give maximum power delivery down in the 15-25krpm range, exactly where you need it for heavier duty ceramic & metal cutting applications. Additionally, cut depths of up to 55mm on substrate depths of 85mm and substrate lengths up to 450mm help cement the MacroAce as a best-in-class leader.

The MacroAce is frequently the first-choice system for cutting bulk ceramics and lower frequency PZT sonar arrays.

Applications Metals, ceramics, rods, plates & profiles, PZT sonar arrays, Molybdenum grinding and profiling
Work Area H 85mm
L 450mm
W 262mm
Blade 3”-7”
Chuck-type Ceramic or metal vacuum, tapeless jig, mechanical vice, magnetic vice
Spindle 3.0kW 0...30krpm
Features Bespoke software configurations, unique spindle drive profile, cutting, grinding and profiling modes, spindle load monitoring, blade wear monitoring and correction, automatic blade dressing, programmable user alerts & alarms

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The performance of the MacroAce is underpinned by the Loadpoint NanoControl control system; a common control platform used across all our machines. NanoControl uses a Loadpoint developed force-sensitive keypad with integrated tracker ball that provides a highly productive interface that is also robust for many years of service.

Another feature of NanoControl is that it can be developed bespoke to a customer’s application. This could involve taking the manual hassle out of calculating complex cut patterns or could involve easy generation of 3D cutting profiles.

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