From prototyping to production and everything in-between.

The MicoAce 66 is a 6” semi-automatic wafer saw with an impressive Z-lift of 20mm for demanding thick substrate applications. The 66 can be used for a wide range of applications, not just for cutting silicon wafers. It offers a high level of configurability to get the best performance out of your application.

Applications Silicon wafers, silicon wafer composites, Glass, MEMs structures, Ceramics, Photonics
Work Area H 20mm
L 160mm
W 160mm
Blade 2”,3”,4”
Chuck-type Ceramic or metal vacuum, tapeless jig, mechanical vice, magnetic vice
Spindle 2.4kw 0...60krpm
or 2.4kw 0...30krpm
Features Bespoke software configurations, spindle load monitoring, kerf-check functionality, blade breakage detection, cutting, grinding and profiling modes, wafer reduction and trimming, blade wear monitoring and correction, automatic blade dressing, programmable user alerts & alarms

Underpinning the MicroAce 66’s performance is the Loadpoint NanoControl control system; a common control platform used across all our machines. NanoControl uses a Loadpoint developed force-sensitive keypad with integrated tracker ball that provides a highly productive interface that is also robust for many years of service.

Another feature of NanoControl is that it can be developed bespoke to a customer’s application. This could involve taking the manual hassle out of calculating complex cut patterns or could involve easy generation of 3D cutting profiles.

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