Loadpoint’s integrated machine control system used across all our systems. The ultimate in productivity and ease of use. Experience full control of your dicing process

The Loadpoint interface includes a "jogging" feature that is very popular with our customers. The jogging feature allows the user to change the speed at which the chuck is moved. If the user presses the force-sensitive keys harder, the chuck moves faster, if pressed more lightly, the chuck moves more slowly etc. Additionally, the tracker ball WITH XX FUNCTIONALITY provides a method for making fine chuck positioning. These two features mean alignments and post-dicing inspection are faster and easier.


  • Large screen viewing area for easier work inspection
  • Loadpoint-developed force sensitive keys for productive operation
  • Production-rated interface, not prone to ingress or scratching so suitable for many years of service
  • Spreadsheet style data entry for rapid program generation
  • Access level password protection
  • Windows based, so bespoke options available to suit customer applications e.g. generating complex cut patterns or 3D cutting profiles
  • Remote access via IP connection or modem for fault diagnosis and reduced downtimes