Remanufactured Systems

The environmental choice. Suitable for full production or academic research.

From time to time Loadpoint are able to offer dicing saws that have been refurbished or fully remanufactured. Our refurbished saws are fully functional whilst our remanufactured saws are fully stripped down and subject to four weeks of intensive remanufacture including cosmetic finishing. The result is a saw delivering accuracies to meet modern customer requirements and that is fit for many years’ service.

A refurbished or remanufactured saw is a popular option for existing Loadpoint users who wish to expand their production but maintain a level of equipment standardisation. Also, these saws are a popular choice for Universities and academic institutions who wish to acquire equipment at reduced costs.

Systems currently available:

  • MicroAce Series 1 benchtop 6” semi-automatic dicing saw
  • MicroAce Series 3 stand-alone 6” semi-automatic dicing saw

Do you have a Loadpoint saw that you could offer for buy-back? If yes, please email